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Calibration System Calibra 2020 pro

The static-dynamic calibration system of alkitronic has been designed particularly for precise torque measurements of electric, pneumatic and manual torque multipliers. It enables you to proceed static-dynamic measurements up to 10.000 Nm. It is especially useful, where large numbers of devices have to be calibrated or where precision in bolting connections is of the utmost importance. It consists of the static-dynamic-measuring-simulator (SDMS) and our dedicated analysis software. Furthermore, alkitronic is able to proceed precise measurements up to 200.000 Nm at its headquarter.

This tool has been specially developed to be independent from external influences. Fluctuations in temperature or friction do not affect the measuring results.

If you have to process a huge number of calibrations or your application demands accuracy and precision, a purchase of an alkitronic calibration system provides a decisive cost advantage.

Benefits of alkitronic's Calibration Systems

  • measure the torque output of manual, electric and pneumatic tools precisely.
  • static-dynamic measurements up to 10.000 Nm are possible.
  • monitor and visualize all relevant parameters with our simple software tool calibra KS.



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